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25 Aug

6 Documents Everyone Should Have to Protect Their Finances

For you to be in control of your future investments you need to protect your finances. In order to ensure that your future life and that of your children and other dependents is secure you must have documents that protect your finances as well as your properties. The following are 6 documents everyone should have […]

01 Aug

Role of Financial Heads in Silicon Valley Start-ups

Silicon Valley start-ups would need a finance controller perhaps more than any other start-up because the team will be more concerned with innovation at the expense of finances.  No new business can succeed with an inexistent or inefficient financial system. The CFO is there to see that the finance side of things is taken care […]

22 Jul

The Role of Finance in the IT Sector of America

The IT industry continues to be one of the strongest performing sectors in the US economy. Financial controllers in the IT industry continue to be big influencers in the direction their companies should take. In 2015, Factset reports that major tech companies like Microsoft and Apple spent $150 billion buying back their own shares, no […]

21 Jul

Top CFOs in New York in 2016

Businesses exist to make money, which they cannot do without good finance heads. CFOs are in charge of company finances and are responsible for success or failure of the company financially.  Indeed, any company running without an effective CFO will find itself in all sorts of troubles financially and legally.

20 Jul

Highest Paid CFOs in America

In many companies the CFO is rarely seen. Many people don’t realize that CFOs are responsible for the financial success of great companies. The CFO assists the CEO in making accurate financial forecasts, doing cost-benefit analysis for various plans, and obtaining funding for the company’s activities.

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