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17 Nov

Effective CEO-CFO Relationship

Traditionally, the Chief Financial Officer was the number cruncher in the company, while the Chief Executive Officer took care of the strategic direction. However, the needs in today’s business environment are redefining the roles of the CFO.  Some CFO’s are influencing the direction of some of the most valuable brands known today.  Peter Oppenheimer, the […]

10 Nov

CFO as a Big Data Analyst and Strategist

Today’s CFO role has evolved from the finance function to analysis and strategy.  The CFO of this age is expected to be a strategic partner to the CEO. He can rely on data to see emerging trends and guide in making strategic plans for the business. With digital technology, the CFO has more data points […]

17 Oct

5 Money Problems that Americans Face

The general assumption is that only the lower income earners face financial issues. However, the fact is that most Americans face financial issues at one point or the other. The goal of every working class citizen is to achieve financial security, but even then, one will often wonder whether the security is full proof and […]

16 Sep

Basic of Business Finance for Small Business Owners

Record keeping/bookkeeping For a successful business venture, you must be good at bookkeeping. You need to be good at managing all your business resources for you to succeed in doing any type of business. Book keeping essentially involves recording a variety of financial transactions. Apart from enabling you to make sound financial decisions for your […]

06 Sep

5 Things To Keep in Mind When Going In For a Merger

Mergers and acquisitions are usually made to scale up operation, expand the business into new geographic markets, create new product lines, increase the firm’s capabilities, integrate the supply chain and increase financial muscle of a firm. During mergers and acquisitions, the most important person that can help a firm get into a successful merger is […]

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