21 Jan

Skills and Qualities Required for an Internal Auditor

Skills and Qualities of Internal Auditor

Do you want to be part of the finance and accounting industry by working as an internal auditor? If your answer is yes then note that there are certain qualities that you need to hone to be successful in this field. Here are just some of them:

  1. Excellent organization skills – To be a successful internal auditor, you need to have excellent organization skills as you will need to do multiple tasks at once. In most cases, you’ll report to several departments at a time. You may also need to work within clearly defined, sometimes tight timelines. Having strong organization skills can help you create clear goals required within your scope of work, so fulfilling your tasks will be easier.
  1. Passion for solving problems – Note that your job as an internal auditor needs precision thinking, statistical analysis and accurate reporting. This will guarantee the integrity of the entire auditing process. In this case, it is necessary to have excellent business insights, so you can exercise sound judgments and solve problems.
  1. Courage – In most cases, an internal auditor finds himself swimming upstream. This is the main reason why he also needs to demonstrate his strong resolve in withstanding the current. To be a successful internal auditor, you need to have a strong conviction to correct what is wrong. Be courageous enough to influence the company you’re working for to showcase conscience, integrity and ethical practices. This is the key to earning the trust of those around you.
  1. Good communication skills – Strong communication skills are also important as your job requires you to be an excellent listener and an accurate translator of useful data. You need to convince credible reporters and presenters occasionally. Your job requires you to communicate certain issues in a clear manner so certain actions will be quickly implemented.
  1. Hunger for knowledge – You should have the willingness to improve your knowledge and current skills. It is also necessary to learn everything that you need to learn about the company you’re working for. You also need to stay abreast with the trends in the auditing industry, so you can continue to thrive in the competitive industry.
  1. Integrity – This skill is actually essential in all business settings, but this is more valuable for internal auditors. It is because this job requires you to demonstrate your trustworthiness. You also need to have resilience and confidence when facing complex problems.
  1. Team player – A good internal auditor is someone who can work well with others. This is necessary when working in a collaborative environment.

By honing the skills mentioned in this article, you will be on your way towards becoming one of the most successful audit and compliance professionals at present.

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